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40 years | Nothing Stops Us


Khipu started its activities for the Promotion of Regional Development, as a Consulting Company in Services and Information Technology.

| 1983

1983 |

We bring the first computer in the city, inaugurating the computer center.

Born as Asociación Civil de Investigación Tecnológica y Cultural Khipu as the sponsor for Instituto Superior Tecnológico.

| 1987

1989 |

Official recognition of Instituto Khipu’s IT major.

We ventured into the business field, creating the Accounting career.

| 1994

2002 |

Because we value our culture, we created the Official Tourist Guide career.

We founded the renowned Tourism and Hotel Business Administration program.

| 2004

2005 |

The Chamber of Commerce of Cusco recognizes us as Company of the Year.

On this occasion, the Regional Directorate of Labor awarded us with the “Best Company of the Year” distinction.

| 2010

2010 |

Aware of the cultural and social value of Peruvian food, we created the professional career of Gastronomy.

We wanted our students to showcase their talents around the world, so we created the International Business Administration program.

| 2010

2012 |

We became the only institute in Cusco member of the Association of Higher Technological Institutes and Colleges of Peru (ASISTE PERU).

We founded InkaLab, our quality and innovation Lab with the goal of being the launching pad for investigation that leads to entrepreneurship and business success of our region.

| 2013

2013 |

Cusco municipality awards us the “Cusco Gold Medal” award for our impact to regional education.

We obtain our first ISO 9001-2008 certification for business and tourism educational services.

| 2014

2015 |

The SINEACE (National System of Evaluation, Accreditation and Certification of Educational Quality), accredits our professional careers of Official Tourism Guide and Computer Science and Informatics.

We created and taught the careers of Marketing and Banking and Financial Business Administration.

| 2018

2018 |

An important year because the Ministry of Education granted us the Institutional Licensing.

SINEACE accredits our Accounting, Information Systems Development and International Business Administration programs.

| 2019

2019 |

Renewal of ISO-9001.

We implemented a specific department to grow our cultural impact – the Área de Gestión Cultural of Corporación Educativa Khipu.

| 2019

2020 |

The Regional Directorate of Foreign Trade and Tourism, gives us a recognition in recognition of: “Your invaluable contribution to the dissemination of culture, the updating of knowledge and the development of tourism awareness in our country”.

We reinvented ourselves. From Cusco we started the educational revolution with our virtual classrooms and the most optimal digital platform in the South Andean region. In the same way, we put our online cultural management platform at the service of Cusco, so that the intellectual and creative development of our people is not interrupted.

| 2020

2021 |

On February 9, the Framework Agreement for Interinstitutional Cooperation was signed between Khipu Corporation and the Regional Management of Labor and Employment Promotion of the Regional Government of Cusco.

On May 28, Khipu Corporation was recognized by the Regional Management of Labor and Employment Promotion as one of the Cusco companies committed to economic reactivation in the tough economic context.

| 2021

2021 |

We signed an agreement with the Quiñota municipality to offer better educational opportunities to their youth wanting to study Accounting or Finance.

Khipu launched the virutal campus for San Isidro Labrador de Primavera K-12 school in Ollantaytambo as part of the Proyecto Siglo XXI in partnership with Cusco’s Regional Education Government leaders.

| 2021

2021 |

In June of this year we were honored as the “Peruvian Company of the Year 2020” in recognition of our efficiency in management, administration and business management in Peru during the difficult context of 2020.

We were ranked as top 10 institutes in the country by the Peruvian Ministry of Education (MINEDU) and #1 in Cusco region.

| 2021

2022 |

Acquisition of state-of-the-art equipment for state-of-the-art post-pandemic teaching.

In April of this year, the technical file for the creation of the Khipu High School was prepared.

| 2022

2022 |

On Monday, May 9, we will resume 100% attendance of our classes.

In June of this year we received the Medal of the City of Cusco awarded by the Provincial Municipality of Cusco.

| 2022

2023 |

By Ministerial Resolution No. 200-2023, the Ministry of Education granted Khipu Corporation the Licensing as the first Private Escuela Superior in the entire Southern region.

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