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The educational model of Instituto Khipu prioritizes and encourages learning by doing leveraging the close relationships between our students, teachers and graduates. Our physical and technological infrastructure allows our educational stakeholders to provide and receive quality educational services.Innovation and excellence have been part of our DNA all these years. By presenting our Educational Model, we aim to reach students, teachers, parents and society in general. Our Educational Model is our management instrument that guides our educational activities.

Our academic system is based on modular competencies that in turn allow our students to progressively accummulate knowledge and achieve increasingly broad levels of competency.

In order to create the best academic environment to achieve the expected objectives of our students, teaching blocks of up to four consecutive academic sessions have been structured. These blocks allow and encourage the application of active teaching methodologies such as: workshops, co -working, research and experimentation among others

Finally, the skills assessment process is carried out through the Skills and Projects Fair, where students, together with their teachers and facilitators showcase the academic achievements obtained throughout the academic period. This process allows the consolidation of student learning, provide feedback to the teaching process of teachers and show the educational community the progress made in it.


The Training Modules are made up of three components: Specific Competences, Competences for Employability and Training Experiences in Real Work Situations, which are described in detail, as follows:

Specific Competences

Constituted as a curricular component that allows the student to acquire specific knowledge, skills and attitude necessary for their adaptation and labor insertion. These specific competencies allow our graduates to perform well in the specific functions of their chosen field.

Skills for Employability

These are the skills that allow the student to perform competently in different contexts. Facilitate the insertion, creation, permanence and transition from one job to another, obtaining personal, economic, social and professional satisfaction.

Training Experiences in Real Work Situations

Conceived as a set of activities whose purpose is for students to consolidate, integrate and/or expand knowledge, skills and attitudes in real work situations, in order to complement the specific (technical) and employability skills linked to a training program. studies.

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In accordance with the provisions of the Peruvian Ministry of Education, each of the training modules has its respective Training Experience in a Real Work Situation; the same that must be developed within the framework of the modular competence that the student will achieve during the first, second and third module of his academic training.

Each of the Training Experiences in Real Work Situations has been considered a total of 04 academic credits, which are equivalent to a minimum of 128 mandatory practical hours.

Likewise, 70% of the academic training time is focusing on specialized didactic units, which will be developed under a methodological approach where 50% of the time is devoted to theoretical aspects and 50% to the practical component, with its respective equivalence in academic hours, as indicated by the MINEDU.

The didactic units for employability are proposed to strengthen the soft skills required by students; as well as the necessary skills to raise the level of employability of the student once they have completed their academic training.

Likewise, research, innovation and entrepreneurship have been prioritized, which allow focusing and articulating efforts by applying a research methodology in a given field, whether theoretical or experimental. This allows the generation of new knowledge, which can be applied to solving everyday problems of real life.

Instituto Khipu guarantees an excellent educational service for its students in a comprehensive, specialized, intercultural, inclusive and equal opportunity environment. allows its graduates to have an adequate development in the the labor market, acting ethically, efficiently and effectively. We focus on developing skills that emphasize hands on practice, research, innovation, entrepreneurship and active participation.


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