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40 years | Nothing Stops Us


Since 1983, Khipu has set a precedent for innovation by bringing the first computer to Cusco and using it to provide quality education. Many of the regional leaders are Khipu graduates, helping our local economy.

In these 40 years of uninterrupted labor, we have built an educational systeml that has benefited generations of young people, following the advances of the digital age as well as Andean knowledge and spirit. Our house of studies has linked tradition and modernity, identity and technology.

In the mid-80s we sent the first e-mail in Quechua from Cusco to Massachusetts, United States. In 1987, we created the Khipu Institute and in 1997, we proposed the prototype of the first transactional portal for tourist reservations, “from Cusco to the World” commissioned by the OAS.

Khipu has not rested on its contribution to education, technology and culture. During the global pandemic we deployed digital platforms that allow students, teachers, and workers to continue their activities. We implemented a cultural portal for the creative and intellectual development of Cusco completely free of charge and accessible on social networks. Our database registers more than 800 cultural, academic and artistic activities of great impact in Cusco and contemporary Peru.

We have established the recognition to the “Khipukamayoq” to honor Peruvian researchers and artists following their example and the principles of our ancestral Andean culture: Knowledge, Work, Love, Relationship and Life Khipu Educational Corporation has sown gratitude, merit and recognition in 40 years of institutional life. In June 2022, the Provincial Municipality of Cusco awarded us the Medal of the City, the highest recognition in the imperial city; and in May 2023, by means of Ministerial Resolution Nr. 200-2023, the Ministry of Education granted Khipu Corporation the Licensing as the first Private Technological Higher Education School in the South of Peru.


Our passion for innovation is channeled in our organization through INKALAB, our innovation and quality laboratories located in the Sacred Valley of the Inkas, at the entrance to the Historic Sanctuary of Machupicchu. We are a pioneering model of monitoring and continuous improvement. Tourism activity is being developed with interesting initiatives such as a Tourism Observatory (following the guidelines of the World Tourism Organization – UNWTO); a Software Factory focused on the creation of computer applications for micro and small businesses in the tourism sector is planned; along with a new model of Corporate Social Responsibility for young people residing in areas protected by the Peruvian State, in their connection to tourism and international trade.


Khipu’s 40 years of educational experience allow us to provide a quality education thinking about the future of our students. The 40 years of educational experience of Khipu allow us to provide a quality education thinking about the future of our students. We have the most advanced online platform in the region. We lead the effective use of technology by making it available to our experienced professors for use in academic programs that are in great demand in the global economy.

We contribute to the training of professionals, with the capacity to achieve their integral development while contributing to different areas of our society. For this, we have three modern premises equipped with state-of-the-art workshops and laboratories. We have study plans linked to the productive sector and in accordance with the regulations established by the education sector and other governing bodies.

In the current world situation and in the face of the pandemic caused by Covid-19, we have risen to the occasion by innovating and optimizing the services of our house of studies, the only one in Cusco with the MINEDU Licensing, certification among others. Obtained in merit of the experience acquired and the educational proposal where Andean values ​​are strongly rooted.


Leading the technological vanguard, we have the most optimal and specialized online platform in virtual education. Our environments are customized for each professional academic program. We have invested on state-of-the-art equipment for the benefit of our student’s learning processes.

We offer our eight academic programs in three admission modalities:


Intended for our students in general without prior admission exam for this new cycle that begins in September.


For our students who for various reasons have paused their studies.


Oriented to all those students who wish to join our community

Nine out of ten graduating students work in their area or academic program. This guarantees their efficient performance and ensures their success and economic growth. We enjoy inter-institutional and business agreements to ensure the education of our students as well as their future work. We offer you facilities to become part of our communities and we accept instances such as the National Scholarship Program (PRONABEC); In the same way, we have alliances with highly profitable companies in the regional market.

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